So do you really want a PROMOTION?

So do you really want a PROMOTION?

By: Dr. Cleamon Moorer, Jr. – President and CEO

The 5 Fs Test: Securing the “Promotion” if you actually, want it.

How do we continue to reconcile the value of experience and longevity in an era of immediacy? At a time of heightened reliance on speed-networking, virtual job fairs, and LinkedIn Pulse the “here and now” coupled with the “there and next” are practically synchronized. All too often, we may hear a colleague or client ask the perfect Monday morning, question: “Did you get my email, instant message, or text?” Of course, I did, along with approximately, 47 other similar messages. However providing substantive, reliable, and reasonable responses may take more than 24 hours. The automated responses that are provided instantly upon receipt, merely provide an acknowledgment, but not resolutions. This typical Monday morning scenario, is only the tip of the iceberg, in comparison to your competing priorities, projects, and upcoming challenges during that work day and work week. Through it all, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year, you have proven to be a high performer and leader in your organization. Even though industries, organizations, and sectors are all different, presence, impact, and performance (PIP) are seemingly the constants that are difficult to deny when evaluating an employee’s value to an organization. So, you’ve been gauging your “PIP” in this organization and others throughout your career. If not now, then when will it be time for a promotion?

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