In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

Senior citizens may experience many age-related health issues that can limit their mobility or movement over time. In certain cases, like a stroke or hip replacement, an elderly individual may need in-home physical therapy to assist with walking and re-learning how to use certain limbs. In-home physical therapy can be a great solution for those seniors because studies have shown that seniors experience faster improvement and better compliance when receiving treatment at home. Home therapy is great for helping seniors restore their physical strength back to normal.

Benefits of In Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

In-home physical therapy allows seniors to feel the comfort of familiar surroundings while recovering. A professional physical therapist will come to your home at a scheduled time and develop an individualized plan surrounding the patient. This could include stretches, physical exercises, and finding new ways to maneuver around the house. The therapist will also provide any tools, weights, or portable equipment that the patient needs to complete the session. The in-home physical therapist will continually evaluate the patient’s progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed. They may also work closely with an occupational therapist to develop new strategies for navigating and completing daily tasks such as eating, grooming, or getting in and out of bed.

In Home Physical Therapy with AAHC

American Advantage Home Care provides certified at-home physical therapy services to senior citizens in Livonia, Canton, Southfield, Dearborn, Detroit, and the surrounding Michigan areas. AAHC is an accredited home health agency and has received The Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. Our licensed in-home caregivers offer individualized care plans to meet the needs of each patient. Our therapists work very hard to offer the highest quality care services that will improve your quality of life. If your loved one is in need of therapy at home, please contact us online or call us at 844-4MY-AAHC for more information.

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