What is Home Care Nursing?

What is Home Care Nursing?

Home care nursing is a service provided by a private and certified agency. They hire registered nurses who have completed an accredited nursing program to take care of clients. These services are typically required right after a client has been discharged home from a hospital or medical facility. The nurse will take head-to-toe physical exams, change wound dressings, draw labs, take vitals, and assist with daily living activities. Lastly, she may help develop a care plan for you with your physician. 

Benefits of Receiving a Home Care Nurse 

Most elderly people do not like to give up their independence, which with a home care nurse they are able to retain that independence in the comfort of their home. They feel more secure receiving care in their home, an environment they are familiar with and surrounded by loved ones, compared to moving into a nursing facility. With having a home care nurse you also avoid many trips to the hospital, the nurse can take care of and maintain your current health conditions and can control any minor issues that may arise. You will save on hospital bills and it will be more convenient. Finally, you are receiving one-on-one attention from a home care nurse. Your health plan is customized for you and the time spent in your home is dedicated to you and not split up between you and other patients 

Home Care Nursing with American Advantage

American Advantage Home Care is an accredited home health agency and has received The Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. Our licensed in-home care nurses will provide personalized healthcare to all of our patients located in Detroit, Canton, Southfield, Dearborn, and the surrounding Michigan areas. If you or someone you know is in need of in-home nursing services, please contact us online or call us at 844-4MY-AAHC for more information.

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